Exploring Euclidean and Taxicab Geometry with GeoGebra

Erhan Selcuk Haciomeroglu, Janet B Andreasen


Technology has changed the nature of mathematics learning and instructional practices (Andreasen
and Haciomeroglu, 2013; Edwards, 2015; Haciomeroglu, Bu, Schoen, and Hohenwarter,
2011). Dynamic and interactive technology enriches students’ learning opportunities and shifts
the focus of instruction to understanding and student-centered learning by providing a means
of modeling mathematical relationships (Bu and Henson, 2016; Haciomeroglu, Bu, Schoen, and
Hohenwarter, 2011). The authors connect Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometries through an
exploration of rich tasks of Taxicab geometry, sharing methods for organizing and presenting
tasks to enhance students’ understanding of geometry concepts.


Geometry, mathematics, dynamic mathematics software, education

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